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With a customized and value-added service, we offer our customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

We understand the importance of giving your products a quality image. That’s why we provide technical and industrial teams for your OEM brand projects, who can offer support from start to finish by ensuring compatibility with our own products as well as yours!

We know how to make sure our batteries are safe-for-use (you never know how young and old those your clients might be).

Make Your Custom Batteries Step By Step


>>Step 1-Client Custom Requirements

Provide Your Design Requirements About Batteries

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>>Step 2-Battery Design Artwork

Provide the first draft of the battery design based on your requirements with our experience.

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>>Step 3- Correcting & Confirmation

Continuously optimize the design draft to finally get your confirmation.

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>>Step 4-Make OEM Samples & Shipping

The sample will be finished within 10 days for regular batteries snd we will ship them to you.

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>>Step 5-Customer Test & Confirmation

After you received the OEM battery samples, you can test them.

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>>Step 6-Mass Production

We will start the mass production based on the confirmed OEM battery samples.

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>>Step 7-Quality Inspection

We have 5 strict inspection precedures before packing and shipping


>>Step 8-Photos & Packaging & Delivery

We will share photos and videos of finished batteries and packaging to you before delivery.

Design Drafts

Our professional battery solutions offer a variety of power options for your devices. PKCELL offers a range of different batteries including Alkaline, Lithium coin, High power lithium and miniature specialties.You're able to create custom colors and logos as well, with our natural labels service giving an even higher level creativity!

  • company logo
  • battery jacket color & style
  • custom what you want
fuspower custom
Customized Packaging

Customized Packaging

There are lots of different battery packaging ways that you can custom, for example, blister card package, brick package, plastic package, kraft paper package, inner box & outer box. We will meet your requirements.

  • Blister card package
  • Shrink wrap package
  • Bulk package
  • Kraft paper package
  • Industrial package
  • Consume package
  • Inner box & outer box
Customized Packaging

Quality, Safety and Reliability

Batteries go through strict industry standardized testing through accredited labs maintaining the best safety and quality standards in the industry.

We also work with independent third party testing partners to confirm these high standards.

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Speak to one of our technical sales team

For more in depth technical & commercial discussions, please reach out to us today.