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About Us

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Your Trustful Lithium Rechargeable Battery & Alkaline Battery & Carbon Zinc Battery Supplier

Fuspower, based in the USA is a comprehensive company that integrates battery production, sales, and R&D. Fuspower is the authorized distributor of PKCELL brand. Fuspower’s products include Lithium rechargeable batteries, carbon zinc batteries, alkaline and lithium button cells , Li-SOCI2, Li-MnO2 batteries which involve in many fields such as Telecommunication, digital electronics, consumer electronics like toys, household appliances ,water meters and emergency devices etc.

Fuspower owns an industrial area of 28,000 square meters, more than 500 skillful staff, including R&D engineering team with over 30 people who research and deveolop new products independently to ensure high quality products, and 50 professional quality control members. Our factory brings in advanced technology and production equipments with 20 high speed automatic production lines to be capable of providing high quality, large production capacity and timely delivery. 


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Fuspower adheres to the concept of    “Quick response, high quality, competitive price, timely delivery and excellent service” , our quality control is rigorously performed in accordance with IEC, CE, RoHS and 98/101/EC international standards. We have set up oversea distribution agents ,exported products to more than 90+ Countries , and have won a good reputation worldwidely.Fuspower is proud to stand behind its reputation of quality, reliability of products, performance and service to customers all over the world and we are a true partner in your business successes!

For clients to be happy is our number one priority. That’s why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and deliver your battery cells on time no matter what, because you’re worth it! We have a team of highly qualified technicians that work tirelessly every day in order keep up with industry standards while meeting all deadlines set by yours truly so come over here today if this sounds like something up your alley!

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Innovation is not only the core competitiveness of manufacturing, but also the soul of Fuspower's continuous development. Fuspower specializes in battery manufacturing over 20+ years, pursues excellence and perfect balance of science and technology innovation, keeps learning, updates technology, and constantly develops a series of strong and environmental-friendly battery. Fuspower is not only a creator in the field of battery, but also the founder of better life.

Our Certificates

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· CE, RoHS, SGS, MSDS, ISO9001, IEC60086, etc..
· Transport By Air & By Sea Certificates